Ellen Tremiti

Author and screenwriter. Unraveling mysteries, and unearthing new ones, one story at a time. Currently dreaming in the City of Angels.


About Me

Ellen Tremiti is the mystery/crime and genre writer who can make you laugh. She grew up in rural New Jersey, spent some formative years in Boston, and now resides in Los Angeles. Her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, The Fiction Pool, Bewildering Stories, and others. Her screenwriting has advanced in several screenplay competitions, including the Page Awards, Final Draft Big Break, and Austin Film Festival. Her pilot, Gumheels, was selected for the Breakthrough Reading Series, a live showcase featuring female and diverse voices. In 2021, she was selected for Coverfly's Career Mentorship Program. In addition to her work as a script and story supervisor, she is currently writing freelance TV episodes, a new pilot, and her first novel. She is a proud member of the Mystery Writers of America and Women Who Submit.



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